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The Mission

The mission of Hacks 4 Humanity is to create technology solutions and initiatives, that will contribute to the social good and address the needs and challenges facing humanity.

Using 7 Principles, we create a unique opportunity to be reconnected with our humanity, using compelling values and technology as a foundation. Hackers will develop cutting-edge technology solutions that will solve complex challenges and allow them to engage and innovate in the following seven areas:

FORGIVENESS: What can be created that will allow us to practice and demonstrate forgiveness culturally and personally?

RESPECT: How can we learn to work with and/or engage and help others?

KINDNESS: What can we build to promote and encourage random or intentional acts of kindness?

INTEGRITY: How can we build a platform, community or initiative that maintains integrity? Data privacy?

EMPATHY: How can we reconnect with humanity and empathize with the challenges facing others?

SELF REFLECTION: Can we explore technology that allows us to dig deeper into ourselves and therefore create personal change?

COMPASSION: Can we see the world and others differently? What can we build to address the issues affecting humanity?

  • 1. Creative Ideas

  • 2. Unique Solutions

  • 3. Responsible Development

  • 4. Idea Showcase